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Chris Azua Art 1st Custom Tattoos

Chris Azua



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Mindy Lowe


Mindy is a 33 year old wandering soul. Originally born in Texas, she’s been drifting around this expansive world on various adventures. Shortly after moving back to Texas she began getting tattooed by Chris. Mindy has always been passionate about art and pushes herself to think outside of the box. She had briefly dappled in learning to tattoo years ago but didn’t pursue it. When Chris offered her an apprenticeship with him it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

She loves doing illustrative and psychedelic tattoos as well as tattoos that don’t look like tattoos (embroidered patches, abstract paint, reflective, paw prints).

She spends her free time staying busy with equestrian vaulting, circus arts, and off the grid living with her husband and animals

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Shane Johnson


Shane is 27 years old, and a father of 2 from Millsap, Tx. He began the journey of self taught artist 5 years ago.

Dedicated to improving his skills with every piece, he is a custom artist who enjoys working with;

•Black&Grey Realism



In his free time he enjoys, hanging out with his kids or bass fishing

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Shane Art 1st Custom Tattoos